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Mecha Dip NS-700NY For export use

Oil based agent, no need to consider about blowhole formation
Composed with harmless compounds to people
Easily degreased the film by any hydrocarbon solvent

Low viscous and not disturb operations

Anti-spatter agent

yDirection for usez
After spray or immerse the work-piece, ensure to remove the adhered agent before operation (Fire attention)

Spalex A-78

Water soluble oil fluid
Anti-spatter agent for welding ferrous metal
Generate high heat resistance thin resin film (5-10 µm)
Slightly alkaline, anticorrosive properties, prevent weldment and equipment from corrosion
No odour and non flammable
Enable to degrease the film by any degreasing agents
Apply by brush on or spray

Spalex W-204Y

Water soluble anti-spatter agent, non flammable, less smoke and odour generation and improve working environment
Anti-spatter agent for welding ferrous metal
Less smoke and odour generation
Comparison to oil based agents it is less likely to contaminate surrounding machinery and work clothes
Non flammable
Easily degreased
Easily removed the film by water
Apply by brush on or spray


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