Nippon Mecha Chemical continues to offer high quality chemical products to meet our customer’s needs.
Our products are mainly rust remover and anticorrosion for wire EDM such as KC-12, K-200 and W-2K.
These products not only remove and prevent rust, it successfully protects metallic surfaces.
We would like to introduce our effective products.

Product name Use and feature  
Mecha Clean Cut EM-MAX

Mecha Clean Cut EM-MAX is mineral oil free emulsion type water soluble cutting lubricant which based on special vegetable oil. It is able to dilute up to 30 times by water for general cutting operation. Due to its strong tolerance towards decay, EM-MAX is possible to minimise lubricant exchange and the overall cost.
Also Mecha Clean Cut EM-MAX is chlorine free and is environmental friendly water soluble cutting lubricant.

Mecha Hand Magic Mecha Hand magic is a hand cleaner for industrial use. It has strong detergency toward oil and ink on hand and even in the fingerprints. Fine scrub particles will remove oil and ink completely at once. Surprisingly, this scrub particle will melt in water and would not clog the pipe at the factory.
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