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Safe, no irritation, odourless rust remover for wire EDM work-pieces
Composed with harmless compounds, produce no poisonous gas or irritation and prevent surrounding machinery from rusting
Prevent discolouration of metals
Quick rust removal (1- 10 minutes) without damage metal surfaces
Can be used full strength or dilute with water (1 - 10 times), non flammable, non explosive
Pre-treatment of plating and painting
Pickling of stainless steel


Rust Remover K-200

Remove sludge and carbon deposit on wire-EDM with just one wipe!
Strong rust remover, unnecessary of washing after pickling, just wipe with a rag.
Composed with harmless compounds, produce no poisonous gas or irritation and prevent surrounding machinery from rusting.
After the procedure anticorrosive film is generated over the metal surface.

Mecha Sludge Cleaner EX-1

Sludge removal for wire-EDM and parts
Clean without removing the Wire Guide
Clean dielectric plates, water nozzles, set tables, work tank walls and jigs. Because it is pH neutral, it doesnft damage resin and rubber inside the machine.
Clean the work piece initial holes. (prevent wire breakage)
Rust removal for work pieces. For machine maintenance. For car and motorcycle maintenance, etc.


Protect all kinds of metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion!!
Excellent moisture displacing properties, eliminate moist on metal surface and keep preventing from it.
Low viscosity (less than 3㎟/s), generate extremely thin soft imperceptible oil based film (2 - 3 µm) and tackiness disappeared within 10 - 15 minutes after applied.
1 - 2 years of anticorrosive term without oil stain, suited for long term indoor anticorrosion of ferrous metal.
Cost effective, enable to treat large area with small amount (about 150 - 200㎡/L).
Less affect on resin and easily degreased
Harmless to people, almost odourless, stable non reactive compound.

Mecha Proof W-2K

Anticorrosive additive solution for wire-EDM operation
It is smooth like water Effective anticorrosion even at low concentration
Small addition to the tank reservoir prevents work piece from rusting without affect dielectric characteristic.
Low viscosity, rapidly dissolve in water, enable to start operation immediately.
Most suited for high accuracy submerged machining.
Prevent electrolytic corrosion without stress machinery.
Almost no influence to ion-exchange resin.
Non flammable.
Contain no harmful compounds for both people and environment.

Metal All IH-A

Effective anticorrosion and prevent discolouration for iron, copper alloys (copper, brass, phosphor bronze), aluminium alloy and cemented carbide
Economical high dilution ratio (20 - 60 times).
Easily spread and non-sticking solution on metal surface.
Easily removed by water.
Contain no harmful compounds such as sodium nitrite, chromic acid, therefore safe to people.

Mecha ED Cool B-1

It has multiple characteristics such as cooling, anticorrosion, sludge cleaning and increase process rate without affect products accuracy.
Harmless to people and environmentally friendly.
Use in dilution with water, economical high dilution ratio (about 10 times).
Easily removed by water, non frothy, easy to use and save excess labour.


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